Top Pearl Ring Designs to Look Out For

Be it any special occasion or any special day, rings are the perfect kind of gift that you can give to you loved ones. As far as rings are concerned, pearl rings are known to take a predominant position in the fashion space. The kind of attraction and beauty that pearl ring is known to add to those who get to wear it is simply exceptional. There are plenty of pearl ring varieties and designs for you to choose. Here are some exceptional pearl ring designs that you can check out for and this includes,

pearl rings take

Fiona ring

The Fiona ring is a great and stunning looking ring design and model that is known to top in terms of outlook and design. The pearl ring design is highly popular as it comes in a flower like design offering one with ultimate kind of outlook. This particular ring design is known to be found in lavender freshwater pearls, pink freshwater pearls, white freshwater pearls and black freshwater pearls. The design is perfect for casual as well as formal wear.

Sadie ring

The Sadie ring model is known to look exceptional and attractive. It has got a heart shaped design over which the pearl is placed in a skillful manner. The pearl is medium sized and ranges between 9 to 10 mm. It is also an AA grade pearl that is absolutely attractive to look at. All pearl varieties are known to be used on this particular design as it is quite a popular one.

Pearl Sadie ring

Chantel ring

The chantel is one of the finest and most sought after pearl ring variety that spells class and elegance in every inch. It looks simply attractive and the design is hard to resist. It is made out of 9 to 10 mm AA grade pearl.