Reasons Why Display Mannequins are Vital for the Sewing Industry

What are display mannequins?

Primarily, mannequins are used by shops to display the garments they are selling. Display mannequins are commonly a human sized dummy which includes almost all the parts of our body. It is ideal to save space while shirts and blouses are modeled. And although some of which are full-sized, they are more flexible because they can display the entire outfit such as hats, pants, shirts, and shoes in one. However, most of which are shaped after a physically fit person. Of course, the purpose is to make it more flattering to the visual sense.


What are they made of?

It may also be made out of a number of materials, such as:

  • Fiberglass
  • Plaster
  • Wax
  • Wood


The composition of the mannequins may determine their longevity. For instance, a mannequin made out of a fiberglass is more likely durable compared to that which is made of a plaster. A mannequin that is made of the former may also be easier to produce in mass compared to that which is made of a wood. On the other hand, mannequins that are made of wax are rarely seen as displays of stores, since they are usually found in museums.

Why use display mannequins?

Almost all clothing store has a visual representation of their garments. Mannequins are usually situated in front of the store’s window to show the latest fashion or arrival of items. Potential customers could get an instant preview on what it will look like when worn by a person. And commonly, the person whom they imagine is their own self. If they foresee what it looks like, there is a higher chance of trying the garments displayed.


Due to the increasing competition, we need to be unique. Indeed, using mannequins may be a usual marketing strategy utilized by businesses, but we should ask ourselves, “What separates us from the others?”