How to Invest Beyond the Stock Market

While most of us are pretty aware of the stock market as an investment tool for retirement funds and other types of saving, it isn’t the only one. In fact, up until fairly recently it was rare to find ordinary people investing in the stock market to the amount that many do today. But with the market becoming so volatile, many are looking for other ways to invest. There are a few places where you can do so with relatively little risk, such as when you buy a savings bond. But if you are willing to take on a bit more risk then you would with a bond, here are a few ideas you may want to check out for alternatives to putting all your eggs in that stock market basket.


Invest in Precious Metal

This has become much more common as several well known investors have gone public with their investments in gold. But did you know that you could buy silver and gold directly as a metal and then sell it when the value goes up? There are actually brokers in the trade who buy and sell at the market price and they aren’t trading little pieces of paper, they are trading the real thing. Gold and silver have both been increasing in value lately as they are used not only in jewelry but also in the manufacturing of computers and other hi tech gadgets. This may make them a real valuable investment for the future.

Buy Real Estate

If you can get into some cheap real estate now is the time to buy. The housing market is beginning to recover but there are still some pockets that are struggling and have homes at rock bottom prices. The smart strategy is to put renters in while you wait for it to accrue in value, then sell when the market is high. You might even want to buy as a form of passive income for your retirement.

Tangible Estate

On-line Lending Sites

One of the big innovations on the web for investing right now is called peer-to-peer lending or micro-banking. Loans are presented on these sites and you can choose how much of it you want to lend and then collect your interest from the loan. Of course, some loans will default but the advantage to spreading your investments around is you never have too much invested in any one project.

Don’t Forget Your IRAs

Of course, while all of these are find and dandy, don’t forget that your tax free investment in an IRA is still a great investment tool. By investing the maximum every year and starting early you can have a tidy sum available to you by the time you are ready to retire.

tax free investment

Whether you decide to invest in precious metals and real estate or lend it to others for a price, diversifying your savings with all of these platforms can protect you from a stock market dive. The more places you invest your funds, the lower your risk over all. All of these ideas are really just a drop in the bucket compared to the many ways you can invest your funds to protect it for the long run.