Enhance Your Sexual Performance by Taking Nootropics

There are few nootropics, which help in increasing the sex drive. In order to increase sex drive both psychological and emotional energy is involved. In fact, sex plays an important role in various constructive activities of our life. Though there is no scientific evidence available to prove this statement lot of debate is going on this issue.

Now the question is whether nootropics can really help in increasing our libido and sex drive. It is no doubt that sex is related to pleasure and joy in our life. Libido does not mean only physical ability to indulge in sexual activity, but also refers to emotional and physiological energies as well which may produce arousal. Arousal is generally reflected on our sex drive. Therefore, we must understand that libido is directly related to our mental and physical processes.

Sexual Performance by Taking Nootropics

Nootropics and sex drive

It has been observed that some people become more productive with increase in libido while some experience the same effect, when their sex drive is suppressed. However, for our well being healthy libido is essential.

If anyone has depressed libido then it can affect every aspect of their life. Causes of decrease in libido can be many such as exhaustion, stress, anxiety, ageing, depression, alcohol, hormonal imbalances, drugs or medications and problems in relationship.

Libido and brain

There can be different reasons for sexual arousal in men and women. However, there are many similarities too. In both sexes, their nervous system is responsible for the sexual arousal, orgasm, ejaculation and erection. Therefore, a healthy libido is associated with a good nervous system.

Generally, sexual desire in the brain is created by a substance known as dopamine. If dopamine level is low then it can have a negative impact on sex drive and it will also affect your sexual performance.

Following are few nootropics which can have a positive effect your libido.

Acetylcholine – Acetylcholine is one of the well known nootropic, which is meant for boosting our learning ability, memory power and focus. This is also an important supplement to boost our libido as it can help our nervous systems to increase sex drive. If you also add Alph-GPC or Citicoline then it can prove to be great combination for libido.

Galantamine and Huperzine A – Both these supplements can inhibit enzyme and as a result acetylcholine level is increased, which can result in enhanced libido.